Building Permits

Permits Required for New Construction

Plumbing Inspector – Cindy Abbott (505-0743)
Monroe Planning Board Chair – Seth Yentes (525-3323)

Residents of Monroe about to build a house or other building, install a trailer or add on to an existing building should be aware of the following State and Monroe ordinances and laws which might require permits of knowledge of prior to building.

  • Intent To Build Form (link for PDF Download) – You must notify the Town if you intend to make permanent changes to your property in excess of $2000 of value. The form is free to fill out and submit, but there is a fine if projects are begun without notifying the Town.
  • State of Maine Wastewater Disposal Code – All houses, trailers, camps, or other buildings which will generate human waste MUST have an approved waste disposal plan approved before construction begins. Even building with hand pumped or hand carried water are required to have an approved plan. Soil Tests and system design by licensed site evaluators. Permit application provided by the site evaluator is filed with plumbing inspector. Town office has names of site evaluators and a copy of the code. Fees vary. May take 4 to 5 weeks during the busy building season.
  • State of Maine Plumbing Code – Permit required for all new and altered plumbing systems Permits from Plumbing Inspector. Inspection required during construction. Fee varies. Several days notice may be required for inspections; Check with Plumbing Inspector.
  • Electrical Service Permit – Needed by Central Maine Power before they will hook up a new service entrance. Allows town to review request for illegal subdivisions. Applications available from the Town Office. No Fee. Seven days review time by the Planning Board.
  • Monroe Subdivision Ordinance – Any parcel of land that has had two or more lots divided off within the last 5 years may fall under the town subdivision ordinance. Copies of the ordinance are available at the Town Office. Fee varies with the number of lots. Applications procedure takes 60 – 90 days under the Planning Board.
  • Monroe Shoreland Zoning Ordinance – Any development including cutting within 250 feet of a major stream or pond will fall under this ordinance. Application and copies of the ordinance are available at the Town Office. Fee $5.00. Planning Board review, selectmen sign application. Reviews take 30 – 45 days.
  • National Electrical Code – The State of Maine requires that all electrical installations and work be done according to the standards of this code. Check with licensed electrician.

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Important Stuff

8 Swan Lake Ave.
Monroe, ME 04951

Town Office Hours
Mon: 8:00 – 5:00pm
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RSU 3 School Board Meeting
2nd Monday @ 6:30pm

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4th Tuesday @ 6:30pm

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1st Monday @ 6:00pm
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